Logan Paul “will give Floyd trouble,” says Victor Ortiz

Logan Paul
Image via @Loganpaul/ @maclinbilski on Instagram

Former WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz believes that YouTube star turned boxer Logan Paul has the skills to give Floyd Mayweather trouble in the ring.

Paul is scheduled to meet Mayweather, who is widely regarded as one of the best boxers ever, in a controversial exhibition match on February 20.

Ahead of the fight, Ortiz spent some time watching Paul train and he was very impressed by what he saw—particularly after seeing Paul knock out an unnamed professional boxer in a sparring session.

“Mind you, these are full-on professional boxers,” Ortiz told MMA Fighting. “I sat back in shock and awe. He was so composed and relaxed. He used his reach perfect – took a little step, hook down the middle, sleep. Night-night.

“My only complaint there is that he didn’t read him a bedtime story.”

Ortiz knowns Mayweather well, having come up short against the unbeaten legend back in 2011. Despite everything he knows about Mayweather, he believes Paul is well positioned for success in the fight.

“I know what I know, and I know what I see,” Ortiz said. “What I’m saying, in a sense, is that he will give Floyd trouble.

“He’s a dear friend, and I believe in him,” Ortiz added. “I’m telling you, it’s going to be an interesting fight. I’ve talked to him about Floyd a few times. … I give him the simple things: ‘Floyd is Floyd, but you’re unstoppable. You’re on another level.’ I strongly believe Floyd will have trouble. Logan can box, and he has power, reach speed, and he can move now.”

Ortiz then took things even further, claiming that Paul will perform better against Mayweather than former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor did in 2017. That’s quite a claim, considering McGregor survived until the 10th round with Mayweather, and landed some meaningful offence in the early going.

“Conor couldn’t do nothing,” Ortiz said. “I don’t mean to speak bad. Conor’s a heck of a UFC fighter in the Octagon, but he has no business in a ring, as opposed to someone like Logan – Logan learned in a ring. So his stuff is all standup. Everything about Logan is boxing, angles, moving, so it’s two different worlds. I couldn’t tell you what someone like Logan or myself could do in an octagon, but stick to what you know. And Logan, he knows boxing right now.

“[Mayweather] found a YouTuber – that sounds easy enough for a 20-time world champion,” Ortiz said. “Alright, let’s beat him up. But what I’ve been watching and seeing is a YouTuber gone professional boxer who puts in hours and hours of work studying films. He’s very disciplined, and he’s working his butt off, and he listens. He has a heck of a coach [in Milton Lacroix] who’s very knowledgeable and very experienced. I believe it’s a dangerous combo.”

“From what I see at the gym, I can honestly say Logan can probably hit harder than [Mayweather],” he added. “Now, who’s more accurate? We’ll see Feb. 20.”

What do you think of these comments from Victor Ortiz? Is Logan Paul poised to give Floyd Mayweather a tough fight this February?

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