BUSTED! VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather Kinda Admits to Watching Dog Fights! PETA? ‘I don’t give a fu*k I wear mink coats!’

By bjpenndotcom - February 2, 2016


Whoops, looks like Floyd Mayweather right at 12 seconds into this clip had two decisions to make after he started talking about pit bulls fighting. 13 seconds into the clip you can visually see his ‘wheels’ spinning after making the comment lowering his hands.

Now at that point he could of said stop, re-shoot that last part, but “Money” being the defiant guy that he is, goes off on PETA and gives an odd rant about wearing mink coats. Good Guy Dog Watcher? Not so much, fashion statements made where mink coats are still cool. Forget about it. (here comes the east coast rants now!)

Did Mayweather score a KO against PETA with the statement? Or is the former champ out of line again? What do you think?


Floyd Mayweather