NSAC Members receiving death threats over Nick Diaz suspension

Nick Diaz smiling

Recently, when the NSAC handed Nick Diaz a 5-year suspension for a failed drug test for marijuana, the MMA community was outraged. The outrage spread, and suddenly many high-profile celebrities began backing Diaz and crying foul. A White House petition was started that earned the 100,000 required signatures thanks to the help of Cher, Wiz Khalifa, Gina Carano, and many others.

Last week it was revealed that Diaz’s legal team was in settlement talks with the NSAC.

So what happened? Did the NSAC suddenly have a change of heart?

Inside MMA legal correspondent Amy Dardashtian revealed that at least one NSAC member has received death threats as a result of the 5 year suspension.

“Multiple sources are telling us that basically public pressure got to this commission with at least one of the commission members receiving death threats,”

In regards to a potential settlement, Diaz’s legal team and the UFC’s legal team are looking to negotiate a 1.5-2 year suspension and backdate it to January 31st 2015, the day of Diaz’s last fight.

“We could be seeing him back in the Octagon as early as this summer if this particular deal works out.”

The NSAC reportedly has until November 13th to alter the suspension.

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