VIDEO | Jimmie Rivera sparring TJ Dillashaw, claims Dillashaw has no KO power

By bjpenndotcom - April 25, 2017

TJ Dillashaw Jimmie Rivera

Several years ago, UFC bantamweights TJ Dillashaw and Jimmie Rivera took part in a sparring session at Roufusport gym in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The sparring session was kept quiet until now, when video footage of the session, which allegedly took place 4 years ago, was leaked online. While Rivera has confirmed that he did not leak the video, he spoke to BloodyElbow to discuss the sparring session, saying:

Jimmie Rivera

“Yeah, he doesn’t have that power. I mean, look at his rematch with Barao! Barao didn’t drop. Dillashaw threw, like, 20 punches. Hit Barao. Barao was still standing. The ref had to stop the fight, because he doesn’t have that punching power. You already know he doesn’t have that punching power. Did he bully me? Nah, he didn’t bully me at all. I mean, I had fun. I think the best thing he got was a high kick, but my arm was there. He got me a little off-balance. He hit me with a jab here and there, but I’m not gonna lie to you, that was pretty much it.”

He continued:

“That was the only session I ever had with him, and we really just went in there and got our gear on, and it was like, ‘Oh, you got a partner? You wanna spar?’ And we sparred. I remember it just being fun. He was trying to get good shots in, but I was just playing and having a good time. Throwing stuff, making him miss. Getting some kicks and punches off. I was just having fun.

TJ Dillashaw

While Rivera is on an incredible win streak that has seen him go 4-0 in the UFC, he is currently without an opponent for his next fight, TJ Dillashaw is currently gearing up for his upcoming UFC 213 showdown with Cody Garbrandt for the bantamweight title.

on 4/25/2017.


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