Urijah Faber questions if PED use could end up leading to ‘attempted murder’ charges

By Russell Ess - July 25, 2016

UFC bantamweight contender Urijah Faber prides himself on being a clean fighter. With all the buzz of UFC stars Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar being flagged for Anti-Doping Policy violations, Faber questioned what it could lead to if something devastating were to happen in a fight.

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For instance, Michael Page recently crushed Evangelista Santos with a perfectly timed flying knee that ended up fracturing Santos’ skull. Faber used that grueling injury as an example if someone were to be on PEDs and inflicted that type of damage on an opponent.

“It puts things in perspective when you see Cyborg’s head get crushed, his skull get crushed,” Faber said on a recent episode of The MMA Hour (transcribed by MMA Fighting). “The human body, certain individuals have certain abilities. Is there a legal attempted murder if you’re using something like that, if you’re using something potentially using to make yourself a weapon that’s illegal, and you’re going to crush somebody’s skull. It’s a weird thing, and there’s a reason why we have rules in this sport to make sure something like that doesn’t happen.”

While Faber says that he knows people in the sport that have cheated, he says he has never taken to cheating to gain an advantage.

“The cheaters are going to find way to cheat over and over again,” Faber said. “I’ve never been that guy that prides myself on that, I have a feeling of pride, I’ve never done anything like that and I know that guys, even though they’ve passed drug test and everything else, they don’t have that same pride, some people. I’m not saying any names, but they know who they are.”

“I have a lot of pride in being a top contender in this sport, a world champion, I have 14 years in this sport, I’m 37, I feel amazing, and never have cheated. Everyone else? It is what it is.”

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Urijah Faber