UFC commentator Joe Rogan shares new idea for MMA scoring during interview with Gina Carano: “We should have scores like 57-96 for one round”

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Joe Rogan has given his thoughts on scoring in mixed martial arts as the debate regarding the current criteria continues.

Over the course of the last few decades in MMA we’ve seen the sport change and grow in a multitude of different ways, from the scoring criteria to the dominant fight style and beyond. One man who has been there for most of that ride, especially in the UFC, is none other than Joe Rogan.

The commentator-turned-podcaster still has a deep passion for MMA and is happy to voice his opinions regardless of what the reaction may be, and during a recent episode of his podcast, he went into detail about what he believes to be wrong about scoring right now.


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“This is my number one problem with scoring, the way we have scoring in MMA: Any one of those rounds [Esparza/Namajunas 2] could be a 10-9 round, or a round where someone beats someone pretty cleanly and lands a lot of shots could also be a 10-9 round. That doesn’t make any sense. That’s a flaw in the scoring system,” Rogan said.

“We need a better system. We don’t need boxing’s system. It shouldn’t have anything to do with 10-9. There should be a bunch of factors like volume, the amount strikes, submissions, takedowns, all the damage, all that s***. Add it up, and it should be a totally different thing. We should have scores like 57-96 for one round, 100-20 for another round, like that kind of s***. Because that’s more indicative of what’s actually happening in a fight than 10-9.”

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The unified rules were introduced a few years ago but as of this writing, they aren’t universally enforced in every single state/country that the UFC visits.

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Do you agree with Joe Rogan that we need to see a radical overhaul of the way judging is done in MMA?

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