Nate Diaz claims the UFC has offered him more money for his next fight but says he’s not interested: “I just want to depart and recover from this whole shit”

By Cole Shelton - July 12, 2022

Nate Diaz has made it clear he wants out of the UFC.

Nate Diaz

It has been well-documented that Diaz has one fight left on his contract and he has been vocal about wanting to fight it out and go to free agency. However, he has not got a fight booked as the UFC is trying to re-sign him but for Diaz he just wants out of his contract.

“My objective is I want to get out of my contract and they are slow rolling me, trying to keep me in contract,” Diaz said to The MMA Hour. “I’ve been doing all I can, I’ve never asked for so many fights in my life… When I’m trying to make them happen, they are not letting me get in there and finish my contract.”

Nate Diaz

Image via @natediaz209 on Instagram

According to Nate Diaz, the UFC has been offering him more money every time they offer him a new contract. Yet, he says he doesn’t care about the money and just wants out of the UFC as he doesn’t think there are any worthy opponents for him.

“For the last five, six, seven months however long, when I ask for a fight they offer me more money. They offer me more money and they offer me more money and I’m like at a point in my career and in my life where I don’t want any more money,” Diaz said. “I just want to depart, I’m over the whole UFC roster as of right now. All the guys that they can offer or the guys I’m asking for everybody has been used and abused, it’s a recycled division, the lightweight and welterweight divisions (are) all recycled guys. I feel like there are no worthy opponents for me at the moment so I want to step out and recover from this whole shit. When the time is right, when there is a whole new batch of guys in here doing something good that is when I will be back… I don’t feel like I have anything else to do in the UFC. I’m ready to move on.”

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