Michael Bisping Lauds Colby Covington’s Trash Talk: “I Think He Does A Great Job”

Michael Bisping, Colby Covington
(via Michael Bisping & Colby Covington's Instagram pages)

Michael Bisping thinks Colby Covington is doing exactly what he needs to do in order to draw attention.

Depending on who you ask, Colby has either gone too far with his trash talk or has salvaged his career thanks to revving up his mic skills. Any way you slice it, the UFC 170-pounder has generated far more buzz since he started going the controversial route.

This fact isn’t lost on Michael Bisping, who heaped praise on Colby Covington during his appearance on MMAFighting.com‘s The MMA Hour.

“I think he does a great job. I think he really sells it. I think he gets people very, very much interested. He is a heel. I did an interview with him last week for BT Sport and it was a very compelling interview, very honest and open of him.

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“The reality is, Colby’s an incredible fighter, he really is. He’s just unlucky in some ways that Kamaru Usman is the champion and he’s around at the moment. If it wasn’t for that, he’d probably be the champ. I think he brings a lot of excitement. That fight against Usman at Madison Square Garden, I loved every second of that press conference and that was because of Colby, because of what he brought to the table. It’s the same thing with Jorge, same thing every single time, and if I was a fan, I’d have bought that pay-per-view after watching that. So he’s doing what he’s setting out to do. He’s promoting the fight, he’s hyping the fight, he’s trying to put a little doubt in his opponent’s mind, not sure if he’s successful in that because I think a lot of people now know he’s just playing this character, but promoting his fight, 100 percent he does a fantastic job.”

The question remains, what’s next for Covington? He has already lost to UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman twice but seems to get the better of everyone below that number one spot. He’s called for a grudge match with Dustin Poirier and while the bad blood is there, Poirier is a lightweight.

No matter who is next for “Chaos” you can count on the trash talk to be in full force.

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