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Matt Schnell sounds off on “unfair” fighter pay: “Let’s talk about what’s happening outside the UFC”

Speaking on YouTube Matt Schnell spoke with ‘MMA Island’ about fighter pay in the UFC.

Matt Schnell was supposed to be fighting against Alex Perez this Saturday, February 12th at UFC 271. ‘Danger’ (15-5 MMA) and Perez (24-6 MMA) were slated to meet in the flyweight division at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

Unfortunately for fight fans, Alex Perez missed weight earlier today and Matt Schnell decided he was not willing to compete at a catchweight, so the bout was called off.

Prior to Friday’s disappointing news, Matt Schnell had opened up about his thoughts on fighter pay with MMA Island commenting:

“You want to talk about unfair fighter pay. Let’s talk about what’s happening outside the UFC.

Even these guy in Bellator, like I know they have prospects they pay well, but 90% of those guys are making 1000 & 1000.

I think it’s woefully dishonest that Francis Ngannou talking about his last fight where he only made $600K. I know for a fact he got pay-per-view points, Reebok paid, this and that.

On a slow Sunday the NFL grosses 1 billion dollars. What’s a good UFC pay-per view – $500K.”

Dana White, Aidan White

Matt Schnell continued:

”Of course I want to make more money, everyone wants to make more money. I’ll go out there and fight for it.

Don’t compare the UFC to the big three.

90% of the UFC roster they are losing money on.

I don’t want a fighters union. I want to negotiate for myself.

I believe in merit, make your own way. Be a decent person, be nice, treat people with respect and it goes a lot further than you think it does.

Ultimately I appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given by the UFC.

I negotiated my own contract. I’m happy with what I’m getting paid and if I go out and win the fights, in my next negotiation, I’ll make more. That’s how it works and that’s how it should work.”

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