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Julianna Pena explains lack of trash talk on Season 30 of The Ultimate Fighter: “I feel bad for the poor girl. You want me to continue to talk?”

Julianna Pena has explained why she opted against trash talking Amanda Nunes on Season 30 of The Ultimate Fighter.

Pena (11-4 MMA) captured the promotions women’s bantamweight title with a second round submission victory over Nunes (21-5 MMA) at UFC 269 (see that here). It was a stunning upset in terms of betting odds, but one that did not come as a surprise to ‘The Venezuelan Vixen’.

Julianna Pena was extremely vocal prior to the title-earning win and most fans expected that her trash talking would only escalate on Season 30 of The Ultimate Fighter. However, as recently revealed by Amanda Nunes, Pena went rather quiet during the filming of TUF 30, leaving many fans questioning her confidence ahead of the rematch.

Julianna Pena, Amanda Nunes
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‘The Venezuelan Vixen’ put those questions to rest during a recent interview with The Dallas Morning News, where she explained her decision to not trash-talk Amanda Nunes on TUF.

“It’s a loaded question. And there’s a lot of points that I want to hit. First and foremost, I would like to say that she said that, you know, I was talking online and that I was trash talking leading up to the fight and that she was expecting me to trash talk more. But if you go back, everything that I said was true. Everything that I said leading up to the fight is exactly what I I did. I said what I was going to do, and then I actually did it. So, to me, that’s not talking trash. That’s talking facts. That’s truth. That actually happened. If I said that she gets winded when she walks up a flight of stairs – that’s a fact, that’s not me talking trash. I mean, the girl gets winded. You see that in her fights.

“Another truth that I mentioned was that she was a champion in a division of “who?” Name three flyweights in the featherweight division. Name two, aside from Amanda. You can’t. Holly [Holm] and Germaine [de Randamie] both said that they’re true 135-ers. Megan Anderson retired. Cris Cyborg doesn’t fight in the UFC. I can’t wrack my brain for who she’s a champion of in a division that’s doesn’t even have a ranking one to 10. So again, that’s not me talking trash that is stating a fact. And then I saw in the article, she agreed with me. She agreed and she said that, you know, there isn’t any investment in the featherweight division, and the UFC needs to step it up and do that. So it’s like, am I talking trash? Or am I telling the truth? Because you’re agreeing with what I’m saying.”

Julianna Pena continued:

“The other point that I wanted to say is, you know, it was brought to my attention through the UFC that she had to go get a sports psychologist, and that her mind was all messed up and that things weren’t clicking in the fight [at UFC 269]. And, you know, her knees were bad. And coming from somebody that’s had all sorts of things happen to me in my career – I feel bad for the poor girl. You want me to continue to talk? I already won the belt. I did my talking by winning. What more do you want me to say? What? You want me to burn the church down, too? Honestly, like, I just, I feel bad for her. She fired her whole team, she had to go see a sports psychologist, she had to go get stuff under wraps so that nobody could know what was going on. She lost her belt. She’s never been tapped. She hadn’t lost in seven years. Like, I feel bad. I already won, and that was enough, you know? I’m not the type to continually pour salt on the wounds. It’s just not my style.

“Furthermore, and my last point, I see the world a little bit differently now that I’m on top of the world. I’m on top of the mountain. My job is to make sure that I’m hitting all of my obligations, that I’m meeting all these media obligations, that I’m hitting on my training obligations, and that I stay at the top of the mountain and kick everyone off that’s trying to climb up it. That’s my job. So, I don’t have time to respond to every little thing that everyone’s going to say to me. My job is to just make sure that I stay at the top of the mountain and that’s my focus.”

Julianna Pena and Amanda Nunes will collide for a second time in the main event of UFC 277 on July 30 in Las Vegas. Who do you think will emerge victorious in the rematch? Share your thoughts in the comment section PENN Nation!



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