Jorge Masvidal says he gave Colby Covington ‘trauma’ during training sessions

Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington

Jorge Masvidal isn’t impressed with Colby Covington’s trash-talking antics and is even less impressed with his fighting abilities.

“Gamebred” revealed that he inflicted serious “trauma” on Covington during their previous training sessions at American Top Team, and gives little credence to his former friend’s fighting accomplishments.

As American Top Team staples, Masvidal’s perception of “Chaos” changed after he allegedly didn’t pay their boxing coach (Paulino Hernandez) for his training camp for Rafael dos Anjos in 2018.

Since the incident, multiple media spats have intensified their mutual animosity, making their relationship one of the most publicized rivalries in MMA.

Despite a genuine dislike for Covington, Masvidal believes Covington’s verbal attacks aren’t always authentic.

“He can’t generate attention by himself so he has to mention your name, this guy’s name, that guy’s name, ‘all these guys are on steroids,’ there’s no proof, no validation to what he’s saying,” Masvidal told Yahoo Sports.

“That’s just the type of person he is so once he opened his mouth, I’m not going to keep mine shut.”

Masvidal also implied that Covington’s fighting skillset pales in comparison to his own.

“The guy has his wires crossed, especially when it comes to me. He got to train with me a little bit so you can imagine the trauma I put him through,” he said.

Covington is scheduled to fight the welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman, at UFC 245 on December 15. Whilst both fighters are elite wrestlers, Masvidal isn’t convinced by either fighter’s career accomplishments.

“I got into this sport to separate myself from the pack and beat the crap out of guys,” he said. “Those guys don’t do it.

“What I did this year, I got three stoppages. They haven’t done that their whole career.

“This is math speaking, this is not opinion. You can look it up. What I’ve done this year, they haven’t done their whole careers.”

Even though Jorge Masvidal doesn’t rate either fighter highly, he is also willing to step in as a replacement if either opponent withdraws- but only if the price is right.

This article first appeared on on 11/29/2019. 

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