Jorge Masvidal on Ben Askren beef: ‘It’s not over’


Despite brutally knocking out Ben Askren on the main card of UFC 239, Jorge Masvidal says the beef between the two isn’t over.

One of the most outspoken fighters on the UFC roster, Askren talked plenty of trash to Masvidal in the lead-up to their fight on Saturday night. But after just five seconds, a vicious flying knee to the face, and some follow-up punches on the ground, Masvidal had the last laugh.

Here’s what Masvidal had to say about the knockout, and to those criticizing him for mocking Askren as he laid unconscious in the Octagon (video via He also had harsh words for fighters who take their trash talk too far.

“There’s not too many people I’ve disliked more. I have over 50 pro fights and he’s one of them,” Masvidal said. “He talked about my manhood, he talked about my culture, my ethnicity. Where do we draw the line? Why do certain people get to do stuff online? So everything is cool before the fight? Other fighters are talking about people’s religions, wife, even kids? That’s cool? But after a fight I’m not allowed to showboat and rub it in your face so guys think ‘maybe I shouldn’t talk so much sh*t because when I cross these real mother f*ckers they’re going to make me pay for it, they’re going to embarrass the sh*t out of me.'”

Masvidal concluded his epic rant by saying that despite finishing Askren in devastating fashion on Saturday night, he still holds a grudge for everything he said to him before the fight.

“It’s not over for Ben,” Masvidal said.” If I see that dude at Whole Foods, I’m going to slap that dude up because I don’t like him.”

Do you think we will see a rematch one day between Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren?

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