Georges St-Pierre shares his thoughts on the MMA GOAT debate

Georges St-Pierre, GSP
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Georges St-Pierre has offered up his thoughts on the ever-present debate regarding who the GOAT of mixed martial arts really is.

St-Pierre, who last fought back in November 2017, has been a man in demand over the course of the last few days in the wake of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s retirement. Many fans and pundits alike were hoping that St-Pierre would go head to head with Nurmagomedov somewhere down the road, but now, it doesn’t appear as if it’s ever likely to happen.

During a recent interview with ESPN, St-Pierre weighed in on the revived argument as to who the greatest of all time in MMA might be.

“There’s many guys that have been the greatest fighter of all-time,” St-Pierre said in an interview with ESPN (via MMA Mania). “It’s an impossible thing to be, the greatest fighter of all-time. We all have moments that we shine, that we share that greatest of all-time. Khabib, tonight, what we saw in his performance was the greatest of all-time. Anderson Silva when he knocked out Vitor Belfort was the greatest of all-time. Jon Jones when he beat Daniel Cormier or [Alexander] Gustafsson also, was the greatest of all-time. [Israel] Adesanya, when he beat Paulo Costa last time, it was the greatest of all-time. Everybody, B.J. Penn had his moment when he beat Matt Hughes, everybody has their own moment, their lights, their moment that they shine, but like everything in life everything has a beginning and everything has an end.

“We all have our window of being the greatest of all-time,” St-Pierre added. “Everybody that has a flawless performance has that title, greatest of all-time, but it’s just a fugazi. It’s something that appears and will disappear in a second. When your performance is over, it disappears, because that moment will never happen again. The universe has changed and it’s just a fugazi. I don’t believe in this debate. It’s a silly way to look at things in a way. There’s many guys that can claim to be the greatest of all-time and for sure Khabib is one of them, 100 percent, especially after what he had done tonight.”

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