Dana White says he doesn’t see the fire in Nick Diaz: “I just question how bad he really wants to fight”

By Adam D Martin - May 11, 2021

UFC president Dana White says that he doesn’t see that fire in Nick Diaz and questioned how badly he really wants to fight again.

Dana White, UFC 249

Diaz was a guest at UFC 261 last month and reportedly had a meeting with White about a possible comeback. Diaz hasn’t fought since January 2015 when he fought Anderson Silva to a No Contest but he has been talking about a comeback for a few years now. With his brother Nate Diaz returning to the Octagon next month at UFC 263, the older Diaz brother is also hoping to make his return to the cage this year and he told White just as much.

However, White isn’t so sure if Diaz will really come back. Speaking to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, White said he questions how bad Diaz really wants to fight in the UFC again.

“(The meeting) went good. My whole thing with Nick Diaz is that I just question how bad he really wants to fight. We got together, we had a great conversation, and talked about a possible comeback for him. I just don’t know. We’ll see how it plays out this summer and the rest of the year,” White said.

When asked why he has his doubts about Diaz, White said that the long layoff is giving him pause and also the fact that he doesn’t feel like Diaz is as hungry as other fighters are.

“Just the amount of time that he’s taken off already. When you hear him talk about fighting when you hear him talk about the sport. And I sit down daily or talk to daily hungry, young savages who want to break into the top-10 and become world champions and all the stuff. And Nick Diaz has done it all and seen it all and he’s been in big fights. I just don’t see that in him when I talk to him,” White said.

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