Colby Covington says George St-Pierre would have been an “extremely easy fight” for him

Colby Covington

UFC welterweight Colby Covington says that a potential matchup against George St-Pierre would have been an “extremely easy fight” for him.

Covington is one of the best welterweight fighters in the UFC right now and GSP is, of course, one of the all-time greats ever in the 170lbs division. Although GSP is now 40 years old and retired, there have been rumors about him potentially fighting again for the last several years, with the most recent rumblings suggesting a matchup with former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov at a 165lbs catchweight.

One fight that we likely won’t be seeing anytime soon is a welterweight bout between GSP and Covington, as GSP is not an active fighter and Covington is looking to fight Kamaru Usman for the belt. But if you ask Covington, if the UFC ever did book this fight, then it wouldn’t be competitive.

Speaking to the MMA Roasted Podcast, Covington said that GSP would have been an easy fight for him because, in Covington’s view, GSP’s game was very basic and very beatable.

“I don’t think I could beat Georges St-Pierre. I know I’d beat St-Pierre. He was able to take a lot of guys down and hold them down and ground and pound. He’s not taking me down. My cardio is completely different. I’ve never been taken down in the UFC Octagon, so he’s not going to be the first,” Covington said (via

“Georges St-Pierre, his striking was very basic, very kindergarten. He didn’t have a lot of tricks. He just had that really good jab, but that’s pretty easy to counter if you’re moving your head and using footwork. I think Georges St-Pierre would have been a very, extremely easy fight for me.”

Who do you think would have won a welterweight bout between Colby Covington and Georges St-Pierre?

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