Ben Askren and Mike Perry express interest in fighting Jake Paul

Jake Paul, Ben Askren

Mixed martials arts fighters Ben Askren and Mike Perry have expressed interest in fighting Youtuber Jake Paul following last night’s ‘Tyson vs. Jones Jr.’ event.

The 23-year-old, Paul (2-0), returned to the squared circle yesterday evening in Los Angeles for a bout with former NBA star Nate Robinson.

Robinson (0-1) was making his boxing debut at the Staples Center last night and unfortunately it showed. Paul was able drop the ex-NBA player on multiple occasions before ultimately putting him to sleep with a big punch in Round 2.

Nate Robinson
Nate Robinson KO via

The highlight reel KO caught the attention of many sports athletes, including a plethora of current and former NBA players.

Professional basketball players were not the only sports figures to react, as many pro fighters all took to social media with their respective takes. Mixed martial arts welterweights Ben Askren and Mike Perry were among those fighters, and both men seemingly expressed interest in fighting Jake Paul in the future.

“Who wouldn’t want to get paid to beat up a no talent YouTube star who nobody likes?” – Askren wrote on Twitter in response to a poster suggesting that he would fight Paul this summer.

‘Funky’ was not the only mixed martial arts fighter to seemingly express interest in fighting the YouTube sensation. Current UFC welterweight Mike Perry also took to social media where he showed interest in a potential fight with Jake Paul.

I mean if you want to be serious I think it would be cool to fight Jake Paul, he did a good job last night and I could use a nap if he’s handing em’ out.” – Perry wrote.

Paul would definitely be wise to look at Askren as a future opponent in comparison to Perry, at least if the contest is set to take place inside of a boxing ring.

Mike Perry has good striking skills and devastating knockout power, where as Ben Askren has always been best known for his grappling abilities.

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This article first appeared on November 29, 2020

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