UFC 209 Results: Tyron Woodley defeats Stephen Thompson (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - March 4, 2017

A welterweight title fight rematch between #1 contender Stephen Thompson and current division title holder Tyron Woodley served as the main event of tonight’s UFC 209 fight card in Las Vegas.

UFC 209

Round one begins and Thompson takes the center of the octagon. He is using a wide stance. Both men are tentative to begin. Thompson with a kick and then another. Woodley charges forward with punches but Stephen ducks out of the way. He presses forward and has Woodley backed up against the cage. Wonderboy with a chopping leg kick. He fakes a side kick. Woodley is looking to explode here. Thompson throws a high kick which is blocked. Thompson comes forward but eats a leg kick. He continues to pressure Woodley. Thompson with a side kick to the thigh of Tyron. Woodley is very tentative to start. He ducks low and comes up with a right hand. It misses. He presses forward and lands a body kick. Thompson circles and then comes forward with a nice combination. He slides back out of range. Stephen in the center of the octagon. He presses forward with a right hand. The crowd is growing restless with the lack of production but Wonderboy is dictating everything right now. A good kick lands for Thompson. Woodley misses with a jab to the body. Thompson answers with a right hand. He continues to pressure Woodley and backs him up as the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Thompson throws a right jab and then two low kicks which connect. Woodley is pressing forward now but misses with an attempted combo. Tyron is using a very wide stance now. He presses forward with a right to the body of Stephen. Wonderboy circles and takes the center of the cage. He begins backing Woodley up and lands a couple of nice shots. Tyron circles out. He needs to get more active. Wonderboy continues to apply the pressure. Woodley leaps forward and misses with an attempted body shot. Another surge from Tyron results in a right hand. Thompson comes back with a right of his own. Wonderboy faints with a kick. He lands a nice front leg side kick. He comes forward with a high kick that partially lands. Good pressure now from Thompson. Woodley leaps forward with a punch and then a low kick. Thompson avoids and comes forward with a front leg side kick. Woodley with a leg kick. Thompson replies with a body kick. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Wonderboy quickly presses forward. He misses with a right. Woodley charges forward and looks for a takedown. He has Thompson pressed against the cage and picks him up and slams him down. Tyron has Thompson pressed against the cage. He is in half guard. Woodley with some big lefts. He has Thompson’s hand trapped behind his back. Woodley working some shots to the body now. He utilizes some shoulder shots. Wonderboy fights his way back to his feet and lands a left. he has Tyron pressed against the fence and lands some body shots. They break. Thompson comes forward with a left hand. Woodley misses with one of his own. Thompson with a leg kick. He goes to the body with a punch and throws a high kick which is blocked. Thompson continues to press the action throwing a pair of rights. He lands a side kick on Woodley. Wonderboy with a nice left to the body. Tyron comes back with right to the mid section of Thompson. Woodley with a right hand over the top. He retreats and Thompson comes forward and lands a kick followed by a big left hand. Round three comes to an end.

Round four begins and Wonderboy comes out and takes the center of the cage. Woodley with a right tot the body. Wonderboy with a low kick. Thompson faints with a couple of punches. Woodley comes forward with a combination. Wonderboy circles and then comes back with a left and then a right. Woodley misses with a counter right. Tyron with a kick and Wonderboy fires right back with a left hand. Thompson throws a wheel kick that partially connects. Wonderboy is backing Woodley up but not throwing much. He lands a kick to the body of Woodley. He leaps in the a right and then a left. Woodley comes back with a right. He goes to the body f Thompson with a punch. Wonderboy lands a left hook. He comes forward and lands a nice high kick. It was partially blocked by Woodley but definitely hurt.

Round five begins and Woodley’s corner told him he needs the finish. Tyron is charging forward early. Wonderboy is looking to counter. Nothing being thrown yet though. Tyron charges forward but Thompson lands a kick to the body. He avoids Woodley and counters with a right. Tyron is trying to get inside by Thompson is so elusive. A good right from Thompson over the top. Woodley fires back with a body punch. Thompson is circling here. He comes into the pocket and lands a leg kick. He lands a counter left on Woodley. Tyron continues to move forward but he can’t find Thompson. Stephen with a nice body kick and then a high kick. Woodley absorbs the blows and presses forward with a right that partially lands. Wonderboy with a low kick. Woodley swings and misses with a right. Thompson counters with a left. Tyron lands a right hand that drops Wonderboy. He presses forward and lands some more shots. Thompson gets up but Woodley is on him with strikes. Wonderboy fires back and then circles out. Round five comes to an end.

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