UFC 209 Results: David Teymur defeats Lando Vannata (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - March 4, 2017

A lightweight scrap between Lando Vannata and David Teymur served as the co-main event of tonight’s UFC 209 fight card in Las Vegas.

Round one begins and Teymer and Lando trade kicks early. Body kick and low kicks from both men. Lando is pressing forward here. Vannata with a body kick. David replies with two low kicks. Teymur circling here and working kicks on Lando’s front leg. Lando leaps forward with a switch kick. It lands to the body of Teymur. He misses with a spinning back fist and David lands a left hand. Lando continues his forward pressures but Teymur counters with a leg kcik and then a left. Vannata with a flashy kick. He lands a big follow up punch. Davis is rocked. Lando charges forward with punches. Both men throwing now. Teymur lands a big shot and then another left. Vannata is backing up now. Teymur with follow up punches. Lando circles out. He throws a high kick and then one to the body. Teymur with a nice kick to the body. That hurt. Vannata dives in and lands a takedown but David gets right back up. Teymur charges forward and lands a left and then a big right. He rocks Lando. Both men are throwing heavy punches here. Lando lands a high kick as the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Teymur takes the center of the octagon. Lando comes forward with a push kick. He is using a lot of movement here. Lando misses with a back fist. Teymur replies with a leg kick. He throws one to the body but Lando catches it and then misses with a kick of his own. Both men exchange hard shots. David presses forward. Lando misses with a wheel kick. Huge knees inside from Teymur. He connects with a left. Lando retreats and then presses forward. They exchange kicks. Lando goes high with another. Teymur responds with a leg kick. Both men land good punches. Land charges forward with a combination of his own. Teymur circles out. He leaps in and lands a leg kick and then a punch that gets the attention of Lando. Teymur shoots in and briefly scores a takedown. Lando gets back to his feet and lands a left. Teymur is circling well here and then leaping in with shots. Lando catches him with a right. They clinch up and Teymur lands some brutal knees inside. Another hard knee. Lando escapes the position and the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Lando comes forward with a combo but eats a counter left. They clinch up after some outside punches and Teymur lands another hard knee. Lando retreats but then leaps forward with a kick. Teymur fires back with one of his own. He throws another. Lando fakes a high kick and then comes forward but eats a kick to the liver. Another kick from Teymur and he presses Lando against the fence and lands a knee. They break and Teymur lands another inside leg kick. Both men connect with left hands. Teymur circles and then lands a kick. He comes forward and scores a beautiful combination. He scores a takedown. Lando pops right back to his feet however. They trade punches and then Teymur shoots in and lands another takedown. Vannata is quickly back up and eats some punches for his troubles. Teymur with a knee. He presses forward and attempts another takedown. It is not the this time. Lando with a left hand but then eats a big combination from David. Teymur follows up and lands another takedown. Lando is back to his feet instantly but these are scoring. They trade punches and Teymur circles out. Round three comes to an end.


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