VIDEO | Tyron Woodley Gives Update on His Shoulder & Training with Floyd Mayweather

“I’m healin’ up, I feel really good. Had surgery in December, had two series of PRP as well as stem cell injections on my shoulder. I have one more series the second week of April, after that i’ll be in training camp. 

Blocking kicks is really easy once you get to the point that Floyd Mayweather is at. You can see that his boxing, his defense, his ability to see a punch coming in a fraction of a second to evade or avoid that punch comes from repetition, drilling over and over and over and over again. So that’s all we would have to do to utilize blocking the kicks.

If you look at mixed martial arts as a sport, there are guys in the UFC that don’t have a 4/5 in their wrestling, their jiu-jitsu, so for Floyd, it’s not kinda crazy that someone with some of the best boxing we’ve ever seen could hold his own.

My job is really just to help him avoid getting taken down, how to get back up if he gets taken down at all.”

UFC welterweight king, Tyron Woodley last fought at UFC 214 in July of last year when he defeated Demian Maia by unanimous decision. Since then he’s been healing up from his shoulder surgery and been waiting for the division to sort itself out when it comes to the next contender.

While Woodley has been out, Floyd Mayweather has begun teasing his transition into the MMA world. And among doing so he has apparently reached out to Woodley to help him prepare. They have yet to actually start training together but from how Woodley makes it sound, they indeed will.

As for the next time we see Woodley, he said he expects July.

“I will be back when i’m ready to be back, my projection is July. My doctors are telling me that and I feel good about it.

There’s no real #1 contender right now. To be honest, I don’t think any of these fighters want to see me. I’ve already beat the toughest guys in the division.”

What do you make of Woodley training with Mayweather? Can he actually prepare him to be ready for MMA in under a year? And who do you think should get the next crack at his belt when he returns?


This article first appeared on on 3/21/2018.

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