TJ Dillashaw reacts to footage of injured Cody Garbrandt allegedly drunk wrestling

UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt was scheduled to fight former teammate TJ Dillashaw in a highly anticipated title fight this July. Unfortunately, while a procedure over in Germany was successful, Garbrandt remained unable to defend his title against Dillashaw in July due to the injury.

Given that, it likely came as a bit of surprise to Dillashaw when he saw footage of the champ wrestling his teammate Danny Castillo while allegedly being drunk. He spoke to Fight Society:

TJ Dillashaw

“It’s just the fact that I’ve seen him drunk and wrestling around with his buddies while his back is supposedly hurt doing rehab. There’s some posts that I got tagged in or got sent to me when I woke up one morning, of him getting all drunk with his buddies and him getting into a full blown wrestling match on the ground with Danny Castillo. It’s kind of crazy. If it was hurting you to walk, and you couldn’t take the title fight, then you should probably be doing some rehab.”

TJ Dillashaw of course was looking to move down to flyweight to challenge flyweight kingpin Demetrious Johnson for the flyweight title, however Johnson refuses to fight Dillashaw, leaving Dillashaw to call Johnson’s legacy into question:

“He does not want to fight me because he’s scared to lose the belt. I respect Demetrious Johnson as a person. I like him, I like his wife. But by him acting this way and turning down the fight, he’s really tarnishing his career and reputation in my eyes.”

Demetrious Johnson, Mighty Mouse

Johnson and the UFC of course are at an interesting crossroads, while the UFC is attempting to finalize a Dillashaw-Johnson fight, Mighty Mouse is pushing back, and even released a lengthy letter calling out the UFC for an alleged laundry list of offenses he has criticized the UFC for throughout the negotiations.

This article first appeared on on 6/14/2017.

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