TJ Dillashaw: “I don’t even want to beat Urijah up. It’s not worth my time. “

By bjpenndotcom - September 17, 2016

The bantamweight division has been in a state of unrest since Dominick Cruz reclaimed the title over TJ Dillashaw back in January. With the emergence of contenders like Cody Garbrandt, the idea of who gets the next title shot becomes even murkier.

TJ Dillashaw

Former champion TJ Dillashaw discussed the landscape of the 135 pound division, and even took some parting shots at former teammate Urijiah Faber when asked of a possible fight with ‘the California Kid’.

He spoke to Ron Kruck:

“It doesn’t make sense (that Garbrandt gets title fight). I’m the number two guy (in the division), how does he leap frog me? There’s only one fight for me and it’s for the title.”

And as for a match-up with former Team Alpha Male teammate Urijah Faber, Dillashaw doesn’t appear interested in the fight one bit.

“After he got dominated by the number 12 in the division, it doesn’t make sense for me to beat him up, I don’t even really want to beat him up, it’s not worth my time.

“Urijah hasn’t gotten better in how many years, he’s kind of stuck in his ways. The guy’s smart, he has his finger in every business. He will be well-off (even) without fighting. I think he’s 38-years-old, he hasn’t gotten any better. If it were me (in his position), people would be telling me to stop fighting and tarnishing my name.”

Unfortunately for Dillashaw, he could be waiting even longer for his rematch with Cruz. Earlier this week, news surfaced that the UFC was looking to book Cruz to fight Cody Garbrandt for a bantamweight title fight in the main event of UFC 207 on December 30th, the UFC’s New Years Eve card.

Who do you think should get the next title shot at bantamweight? Has Cody Garbrandt done enough to warrant a shot at Cruz’s belt, or was ‘The Dominator’s’ win over Dillashaw close enough to warrant a rematch? Sound off in the comments section, PENN Nation!



TJ Dillashaw