Paul Daley says he’s signing a contract to fight Michael Page this summer, Page responds

Paul Daley

Though Paul Daley recently expressed interest in parting ways with Bellator MMA, it sounds as though he’ll be sticking with the promotion after all.

In a Friday post to his personal Facebook account, Daley claimed that he’s signing not just one, but two contracts for Bellator bouts. The first, he says, will pit him against recent free agent and former World Series of Fighting champion Jon Fitch in May. The second will see him locked in the cage with fellow Englishman and long-time rival Michael “Venom” Page this summer.

“Seems we have a 2018 fight timeline, that may look a lot like this. Signing both contracts ‘At the same dam time’,” Daley said in his post. 

vs former UFC No1 contender Jon Fitch, in May 2018.

vs Micheal Page for the Battle of Britain, SUMMER 2018 blockbuster @ Wembley arena

…..To be continued.”

This, of course, is very exciting news for Paul Daley fans. Yet while Fitch has yet to comment on this news, Page has – and he’s denying Daley’s claims.

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Speaking to MMANytt over the weekend, Page said that while he isn’t sure Daley actually wants the fight, he’ll sign a contract for the fight if he ever actually sees one.

“I think Paul Daley, he’s in his own world,” he said. “He kind of says whatever he wants to say, cause one minute he wants to fight me and he calls me out, the next, straight afterwards, he doesn’t want to fight me, then he calls me out again and fights somebody else… He doesn’t know what he wants. I personally believe he doesn’t want to fight me, and I’m ok with that. I genuinely don’t care. From the beginning, all I’ve said is, he said something that I found was disrespectful, and the best way two fighters can settle it, instead of it being in unnecessary exchanges outside, we can just settle it in the cage. That’s where it started, and he’s gone back forth ever since.”

“If he actually decides to sign a fight, then, like I said, I’m ok to fight,” Page added. “I’ve been ok to fight for a very long time. I haven’t hidden that. It’s not me that’s been going back and forward.”

“If the contract ends up in front of me, I’m signing it immediately. If he’s got two contracts in front of him, and this is the potential, mate, just sign it. You don’t need to announce it to the world. Just sign it.”

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Do you think Paul Daley and Michael Page will ever fight?

This article first appeared on on 2/18/2018.

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