Nick Diaz & NSAC reach agreement, Diaz cleared to fight again immediately

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Despite the fact that Nick Diaz celebrated the end of his shortened suspension earlier this year, the eldest Diaz brother hadn’t returned to the Octagon due to the fact that he had yet to pay his fine to the NSAC. The failure to pay his fine resulted in Diaz being barred from cornering his brother Nate Diaz in his rematch with Conor McGregor back in August at UFC 202.

In a recent interview, Nick Diaz explained how his presence in his brother’s corner would have made the difference as the fight with McGregor progressed:

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“Just one inch, that’s the difference between how that fight could’ve gone. As far as I’m concerned, I definitely would’ve been that inch. … They just wanted to keep me out of there. They know that it would’ve definitely helped him out a lot.

“I was seeing things in that fight that I would’ve called and told him. I was seeing things that he wasn’t seeing, because I do these things and I know how they work out for me. It’s kind of like a formula, you know what I mean? And I’m like, hey look, this is what you do. Come the third and fourth round, I think if I would’ve been there, we would’ve been able to put it together and got that guy out of there.”

Fortunately however, Diaz and the NSAC have now reached an agreement according to MMAFighting. While Diaz initially had until December 1st to pay the remainder of his $75,000 fine, he and the NSAC have now reached an agreement that makes Diaz eligible to fight and corner immediately. Details regarding the agreement were not made immediately available.

Nick Diaz

Diaz was briefly linked to a fight with UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping at UFC 206 in Toronto after it was revealed that Georges St-Pierre would be unable to accept the fight against Bisping.

Stay tuned for updates regarding Diaz’s return to the Octagon as they become available.

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