Nate Diaz talks about the stark change in the public’s perception of him

Nate Diaz surprises Conor McGregor fans

Nate Diaz has grown immensely popular after beating Conor McGregor at UFC 196 back in March.

The win in the biggest fight of his career has set him up with a lot of media appearances and the public has gotten to see a bit more of Nate’s character outside of the Octagon.

“All I’ve gotten my whole career has been real hardcore footage and serious,” Diaz said in an interview with BT Sport. “So then I go to the grocery store in my hometown and everybody is looking at me like I’m a maniac. So, it’s good now, people are coming up and smiling saying, ‘We saw the thing’ and ‘We saw you on [the show].’ So, it’s easier to walk around and not be looked at. Like, hey yo, I’m a human too, and I’m just trying to live my life and do my thing. I’m not just trying to take everyone out at every second of every day. So it’s good to get a different look, a different perspective of myself for the people.”

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