SUG 2 Results: Miesha Tate defeats Jessica Eye in controversial match

By Chris Taylor - December 11, 2016

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate returned to grappling competition at tonight’s Submission Underground 2 event in Portland where she squared off with fellow UFC standout Jessica Eye.

Miesha Tate

After an early feeling out process, the ladies engaged in the clinch position against the cage. After a failed takedown attempt, Tate eventually rolled to an armbar submission attempt which she secured. The referee stepped in when Eye’s arm was extended in an ugly way and called a stop to the contest.

However, Eye argued that she never tapped and so the match was restarted on the feet for no apparent reason.

Upon restart, Tate was once again able to get the fight to the floor. Tate looked to take the back of Eye and even found time to give her bicep a kiss but was unable to secure a submission finish before the end of regulation time.

In overtime, Tate was first to start in dominant position and opted to take the back of Jessica. After controlling Eye for the first two minutes, Jessica was able to break free.

Eye then decided to start in the same dominant position (back mount), but was only able to maintain the position for 40 seconds.

In the final overtime, Eye was able to escape Tate’s spider web in a mere 10 seconds. However, when Eye started on the back, Tate was able to counter her armbar submission attempt with a quick escape, thus securing the victory via ‘escape time’.

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