EXCLUSIVE | Matt Brown talks about being dropped for the first time in his life and looking to Michael Bisping for inspiration

By Russell Ess - October 7, 2016

Matt “The Immortal” Brown is as tough as they come.

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The UFC welterweight veteran was a guest on the relaunch of BJPenn.com radio, which aired on Wednesday along with fellow guests Eddie Bravo and Bas Rutten.

Brown spoke about the latest happenings in his life, training and what his plans are for his next move in the UFC.

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“Everything is going great man,” Brown told BJPenn.com radio host “Kinch.” “I’m a year round guy [in the gym]. I don’t like taking time off. Till the day I die, I want to be down in the trenches with the guys, sweating, and bleeding. That’s what I love to do more than anything else.”

As far as what will come next for a fight in the Octagon for “The Immortal,” the welterweight veteran said that he is taking time off to ensure that his brain heals properly before getting back to battle.

“In terms of my next fight, nothing is booked just yet. I actually wanted to take a bit of an extended break after my last fight [with Jake Ellenberger]. In the meantime, I been trying to heal my brain up a little bit. I think I been hit maybe more than was necessary and you know I got dropped in that fight, which is the first time I’ve been dropped in my entire life, that’s including training or any fight, or anything. So I’m going to take a little bit of time off and make sure the brain is healed. I been doing some things to try to heal my brain, better rest, so I make sure I don’t end up with any more concussions.”

While taking time off to let his body and most importantly his brain heal, Brown says that despite the losses he has had in his career, the resilient UFC veteran feels that losses come with the game and is still looking to claim the top spot in the UFC welterweight division.

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“It’s all about what your motivation is,” Brown stated. “What are you doing in this sport? What are you doing it for to begin with? If your motivations aren’t pure or if you have a hard time answering that question, you might have a harder time picking yourself up. For me, I don’t have a hard time answering that question and it’s something I reevaluate every time and make sure I’m clear with what I’m doing and what I want and when I do that I can come back easy enough. Those losses, I just call it a transitory disappointment. It’s not anything that is really going to set me back in the long run.”

“You know, Bisping is fighting this weekend. He’s a great example man,” Brown said of the 37-year-old middleweight champion. “If anybody can inspire you to believe you can do anything, I think it’s him. He’s had a lot of losses and has picked himself up many times, got back on the horse and now look at where he is at. So I think he is a perfect example. I know I’m capable of doing the same thing that he’s done.”


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