Luke Rockhold says he is making over $1 million per fight as the champion

Luke Rockhold

UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold sounds like he has done really well for himself now that he is at the top of the UFC middleweight division.

Ahead of his title fight with Michael Bisping at UFC 199, Rockhold spoke with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour and said that he is making over $1 million per fight as the champ.

“My paycheck is looking pretty damn nice these days,” Rockhold told Helwani. “I’m comfortable with my seven points.”

Helwani clarified if Rockhold was making seven figures as the champion and Rockhold replied, “I do well for myself.”

Helwani also told Rockhold that Bisping claimed that he was going to be making as much or more than Rockhold in their fight.

Rockhold replied, “I don’t know about that. I’m happy with seven figures. We’re doing good sevens, so I really, really doubt he’s finding himself in that range. But, happy for him. Good for him. If he is, he is and I’m stoked for him you know? I’m not one to hate. I just want my money. I want my piece of the puzzle.”

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