VIDEO | Khabib Nurmagomedov Has to Make Weight & Beat Barboza to fight for the Title

Khabib Nurmagomedov

UFC 219 is drawing closer and closer. The weigh-ins are tomorrow and everyone is anticipating whether or not the top Lightweight contender, Khabib Nurmagomedov will make weight after his mishap at UFC 209. According to Khabib himself, he only has four pounds to go and that if he makes weight and defeats Edson Barboza, he has himself the UFC title shot that has been eluding his undefeated 24-0 career.\

“I’m professional, I have to make weight and after I have to show a very good performance. This fight is a real contender fight. He is top 5, I am top 5, you know? After this fight i’m going to fight for the title after I beat him.

This year I want to finish, new year I want to come like number one contender. I talk with the UFC, I talk with Dana [White]  and they told me you have to make weight and beat this guy if you want to fight for the title and I agree with him.”

Khabib also spoke about how his weight cut is going compared to last time at UFC 209. He has since brought on nutritionist, Tyler Minton to aid in his cuts.

“It’s much different because now I am healthy, this is number one. Before, I was feeling sick, I was feeling bad inside, you know. And now I feel perfect. After last situation, after surgery I moved to Germany for some rehab for like 3-4 months and September I was beginning to come back for a month. I train hard for this fight and we’re here like two days before fight and I can’t believe it. Beginning this September i’m thinking like it’s going to be a very hard way. It was a very hard way but everything go fast. Like two days before fight, tomorrow we’re going to show weight and Saturday night i’m going to show how eagles hungry. I have to catch somebody inside the cage. It is very important, eagle have to eat.”

Khabib would go on to say that he was serious about his comments regarding a potential drop to the 145 lb Featherweight division. But first, he says he has to take care of Edson and Tony but is indeed already thinking about making the cut.

“To be honest I don’t believe he[Conor McGregor] will come back. Maybe when money’s done. He is smart business man, it’s 50/50 but I don’t think about him.”

Nurmagomedov and Edson Barboza will be UFC 219’s co-main event this Saturday.


This article first appeared on on 12/28/2017

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