Coach John Kavanagh mandating all SBG fighters to get brain scan to compete in 2017

By Russell Ess - December 19, 2016

Straight Blast Gym head coach John Kavanagh, who has led UFC superstar Conor McGregor to the top of the fight game is putting the safety of his fighters ahead of anything else for 2017.

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Kavanagh, who runs SBG Ireland where Conor McGregor has trained from a young age before making his way into the UFC, has gained a lot of attention with the massive success of the current UFC lightweight champion.

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Kavanagh, Irelands first Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and first MMA fighter in the cage posted a statement on his Facebook page, letting everyone know that he is mandating a safety protocol for his fighters with a brain scan to ensure safe competition in the next year.

Kavanagh posted:

For 2017 ALL SBG fighters, both Amateur and Professional will be getting a one off brain scan to make sure there’s no underlying issues that would preclude them from competing. It is not yet a requirement to get this done to compete on shows but it will be a requirement to represent SBG.
Take 100 random people and scan them and a small percentage will have an issue that would stop them competing. This is not from training in MMA, or any other sport but could be genetic or from some illness when young. Either way we’re lucky in Ireland that SAFE MMA Ireland have secured scans for just €150 to give athletes peace of mind they are clear for training/competing.
I would strongly advise all Irish based fighters, Pro or Am to take advantage of this great offer. Details can be found here…/safe-mma-ireland-secures-e150125-bra…/

What do you think about the safety protocol imposed by Kavanagh for all of his fighters both professional and amateur that want to represent SBG Ireland? Give us your thoughts in the comment section!

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