VIDEO | Joe Rogan knocks out virtual reality boxing opponent

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UFC color commentator Joe Rogan is a very well-trained martial artist.

Rogan’s experience as a taekwondo and Brazilan jiu-jitsu black belt is what makes Rogan one of the most revered commentators in the sport.

Check him out as he boxes the heck out of a virtual reality opponent in this video that Rogan uploaded to Instagram.

Rogan said in the caption of his post, “Virtual reality is the shit! I was at @duncantrussell’s house yesterday for his awesome podcast and he indoctrinated me into the world of virtual reality with his HTC VIVE. This is me spazzing out playing a boxing game. There’s a bunch of archery games too and one of them I played until my arms were sore. The experience is incredible and the archery game was probably the most fun I’ve ever had playing a video game.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see some of your favorite fighters get in on the VR action? What matchups would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!