Georges St-Pierre in Las Vegas “just hanging out”

By bjpenndotcom - October 20, 2016

Former UFC welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre’s ongoing saga with the UFC brass has been an interesting one. While St-Pierre hasn’t fought since his controversial 2013 split decision win over Johny Hendricks, reports of St-Pierre returning to the Octagon have continued to surface over the years.

Georges St-PIerre

Recently, it appeared as though St-Pierre was closer than ever before to returning, with reports of the former champ returning for a superfight with Anderson Silva igniting after Silva’s son teased the fight on social media several times. In addition, St-Pierre himself went as far as to state in an interview that news regarding his return would be announced in the coming weeks.

Georges St-Pierre interview

Throughout all of this, UFC President Dana White has maintained that he doesn’t believe St-Pierre will ever return to the Octagon. During an interview on UFC Tonight, White went on to give a lengthy explanation as to why ‘he knows fighters that want to fight, and Georges St-Pierre isn’t one.’

While the speculation is that St-Pierre’s deal with Under Armour is delaying his return given that the UFC has an ongoing apparel deal with Reebok, negotiations between the UFC and St-Pierre haven’t resulted in the former champ being booked for a fight.

This ultimately has resulted in the strange predicament St-Pierre finds himself in today. This week, St-Pierre revealed in an interview that he is now officially a free agent after his contract with the UFC was terminated. The UFC was quick to release a statement refuting St-Pierre’s claims, explaining that ‘Rush’ certainly was not a free agent. That was met with resistance by St-Pierre’s legal team, who revealed that St-Pierre was able to terminate his contract due to the fact that the UFC never booked St-Pierre a fight.

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Now, John Morgan of MMAJunkie recently bumped into St-Pierre in Las Vegas, however when he was asked about why he was in town, the MMA legend stated “Just hanging out” with a laugh.

Morgan captured St-Pierre on camera before taking off, check it out:

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