Dana White comments on Georges St-Pierre return rumors

By bjpenndotcom - October 13, 2016

While it’s been three years since former UFC welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre was in the Octagon, ‘Rush’ is reportedly closer than ever to returning to the UFC after his lengthy hiatus.

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Despite that, there has been a bit of a hiccup in St-Pierre’s return plans. New UFC owner Ari Emmanuel reportedly recently traveled to the Reebok HQ in hopes of negotiating a deal that would allow St-Pierre to wear Under Armour in the Octagon due to his direct deal with the brand, however they were reportedly unable to reach a deal.

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This news came after St-Pierre revealed during an interview that there would be news regarding his return, at most in a few weeks.

During a recent appearance on UFC Tonight, Dana White spoke about the situation, and once again reaffirmed that he doesn’t believe St-Pierre will ever return to the Octagon.

“When you’re somebody that wants to fight…I’ll give you an example. He [Daniel Cormier] called me. I was trying to have him sit on the shelf for a minute, and sit back. I wanted to do Anthony Johnson versus Jones, Jones stuff isn’t going to be cleared up. He was chomping at the bit, calling me, calling me, I said, ‘Are you cool sitting, will you sit on the side while these two fight, because I think it builds a bigger fight for these two to fight, and then come up & fight you,’ and he said ‘I don’t love it, I’d prefer not to. But, if that’s what you want me to do I’ll do it.’ And then while this whole thing is playing out, nothing had been announced so he’s calling me going, ‘What’s going on? How bout we just fight, why’s this guy calling me out?’ That’s the mentality of a fighter! And I think that whenever anybody says – It’s like when Ronda Rousey said to me, ‘I want time off.’ Take as much time as you need.”

“This isn’t a sport where you should force people to, you can’t force people to fight. You either have it in here & you want it, or you don’t. Georges St-Pierre hasn’t had it in here in a long time. I know guys that want to fight, I know guys that want to fight…and he isn’t one of them.”

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