Ricky Glenn confident Grant Dawson went out with the choke, wants to ‘run it back’

By Cole Shelton - October 28, 2021

Ricky Glenn knew going into the third round he needed a dominant round or a finish if he was going to get his hand raised over Grant Dawson at UFC Vegas 41.

Ricky Glenn, Grant Dawson

Glenn stepped up on short notice and after the first two rounds, he was well aware he lost both of them. Entering the third round, his team told him he needed to get the finish, and right from the get-go, Glenn was able to dominate the round. He then got ahold of a choke but the bell rang and the fight went the distance. However, Glenn says he knew Dawson’s body went limp and the fight should’ve been stopped.

“I do think if I had a few more seconds, the choke I would, I would’ve put him out. He was giving the ref the thumbs up, but I felt his body go limp after that but then the bell rang so I let go,” Glenn said to BJPENN.com. “He rolled over on my arm and his head hit the mat and was able to come through it. I was looking at him and he had this blank stare which is what you get when you go out, so I was yelling that. Sure enough, I guess it wasn’t enough to call it out. It ended up being a draw but it still feels like a loss not getting that submission win.”

With the fight going to the scorecards, Glenn wasn’t sure what the result would be. In the end, it was ruled a draw which he is disappointed about. With it being a draw, Glenn didn’t get the win bonus which is a big disappointment, the fight also didn’t move him up the lightweight ranks either, which he hoped this would do.

“I try to check myself regardless of the outcome like I’m grateful for everything in my life and to even be alive is a blessing,” Glenn said. “But, all the work that goes into this and financially this was going to be my biggest payday and I didn’t get the win bonus, which put a damper on things. I’m looking to further my career in the UFC and make my way up the ranks, so I don’t think it hurt my standing but it’s a weird situation.”

Ultimately, the hope for Ricky Glenn is to fight again in December, and eyes the December 18 card. If everything goes his way, he would like to run it back with Grant Dawson but is open to whoever the UFC gives him.

“After the fight, I told him we will run it back in December and he agreed. I’m not sure if he is healthy or not, but if he is, the December 18 card is what I want, just so I can get one more in before the end of the year and the holidays. I’d like to run it back but if he can’t, I’m going to stay ready for a short notice opportunity,” Glenn concluded.

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