Grant Dawson frustrated with draw against Ricky Glenn, admits he was ‘saved by the bell’ with the choke

By Cole Shelton - October 27, 2021

Grant Dawson admits he beat himself up over his draw against Ricky Glenn at UFC Vegas 41.

Grant Dawson

Dawson was supposed to take on Diego Ferreira but the Brazilian was forced out of the bout with an injury. Glenn ended up stepping up on short notice and even before the fight, Dawson knew it would be a tough fight but in the scrap, he says he made a huge mental error which cost him the win.

“I knew he’s a veteran and I knew he was tough, I was surprised by the way I was feeling myself,” Dawson said to “I was tired obviously, but it wasn’t that my body was exhausted, it was more my mind like my mind was scattered and I started to make bad decisions. Those decisions took the win away from me and it’s something I’m going to have to deal with but I know the problem and will fix the problem.”

Entering the third-round, Dawson knew he was up two rounds and he kept telling himself just don’t get knocked out. He believes that ended up forcing him to make bad decisions and badly lose the third round. At the end of the round, Dawson didn’t get up from the choke which he admits was close.

“I was exhausted and I was so tired I couldn’t sit up, I definitely wasn’t out though. The choke was very close like I was 100 percent saved by the bell, but that is the sport,” Dawson explained. “But, that is the sport, if there aren’t bells, he would’ve never been in that position because I would’ve had his back for the entire fight. I would’ve done the same thing if I was in his position yelling I was out.”

When the fight went to the scorecards, Grant Dawson still thought he won the fight. Yet, it was ruled a draw which is something he still doesn’t totally understand.

“Anything that isn’t a win is a loss in my book. I’m not happy with it at all, so I’m just going to have to move on from it,” Dawson explained. “I do think there is an issue with the scoring of our sport, if he gets a 10-8 in the third, I should get a 10-8 first. Also, if you add up all the points that are given to us, I did get one more point than him. It’s only the sport where you can score more points, not get finished or disqualified, and still not win. We will just have to move on.”

Ultimately, with Dawson now having a draw, he says he is back to the drawing board to fix the errors he made. The goal is to return in December or January but doesn’t think it will be a rematch with Glenn.

“I don’t think Ricky and I are going to run it back. I’m in no position to make any demands, I obviously won’t get Diego or a ranked opponent in my next fight. But, no matter who they offer me, I will say yes. The goal for me though is to return in December, but realistically it will be January,” Dawson concluded.

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