Kevin Lee jokingly explains the difference between Khabib and Dana White as promoters, believes Eagle FC will become the second-best promotion

By Cole Shelton - December 16, 2021

Kevin Lee is impressed with Eagle FC so far.

Kevin Lee, Khabib Nuragomedov

On Wednesday, Lee officially signed a multi-fight deal with the promotion. It surprised many but right when he began talking to Eagle FC, he notice how legit the promotion is.

“Honestly, as soon as I walked into the building of the arena we will be fighting in, it’s huge. They put in a lot of effort, a lot of money into this and it’s already well established,” Lee said to “This is only day one so I can only imagine what day 100 will look like… At this point, I bring my eyes to myself, anywhere I go in the world, people know who I am. I bring that level of notoriety.”

Since joining Eagle FC, Kevin Lee has had the chance to see how Khabib Nurmagomedov is as a promoter. Although it’s too early to compare him to Dana White he says there is one big difference between the two as promoters.

“Khabib’s a little shorter and still has some hair, so you can tell he ain’t making that level of money yet,” Lee jokingly said.

Although Lee has only seen the early stages of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Eagle FC, he admits he is impressed with what they have already done. They have already signed the likes of Rashad Evans and Tyrone Spong along with Lee. With that, “The Motown Phenom” expects it to be only a matter of time until Eagle FC becomes the second-biggest MMA promotion in the world.

“It’s too early to notice. The only thing I can notice is that it has a big upside and a lot of room for growth and a lot of potential… Absolutely they can take over Bellator for the number two spot, absolutely. When the business model continues to do something outside what all these other promotions are doing it has the potential to take over everybody else,” Lee said.

Do you agree with Kevin Lee that Eagle FC can pass Bellator as the second-best promotion?

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