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Dustin Jacoby ‘happy’ with win over John Allan at UFC 268 wants any ranked opponent next

Dustin Jacoby was always going to be in attendance at UFC 268 he just didn’t think he would be inside the Octagon fighting.

Jacoby was set to corner his teammate and training partner in Jordan Williams ahead of his fight against Ian Garry. With the work done, Jacoby and a few friends went away for the weekend to start a hunting trip.

However, just a day into the trip on Sunday, Jacoby’s friend got an urgent text as the light heavyweight contender didn’t have any service. The text was simple, they wanted him to step up on short notice to fight at UFC 268, which he had to think about. Once he thought about it, he decided to take the fight and immediately closed up the camp and headed back to Denver to get on a plane to New York City.

“I was up in elk camp and my buddy got the text Sunday night, as he was the only one with service and at first it was an immediate no. There was no way, as we had just started our hunting trip but then I started to think about it and I was already going to be there to corner Jordan Williams,” Jacoby said to BJPENN.com. “In my mind I thought I couldn’t tell the UFC no so I packed up camp and Monday morning we headed back to Denver and Tuesday morning we were off to New York. Obviously, I didn’t get much training in but I was in good shape as even with the hunting we are hiking so I arrived at hunting camp at 214lbs, and when we got back I was 205lbs. Weight was not an issue which made it easier.”

Although Jacoby didn’t have a training camp and admits he didn’t know much about his opponent in John Allan, he knew he could win the fight. He did expect the Brazilian to try and wrestle him, but it ended up being a kickboxing fight that Dustin Jacoby clearly won.

“I was happy with my performance, I was pleased,” Jacoby said. “At first, I did want the finish. But, I showed off my technical striking and did what I had to do to get the job done.”

With Jacoby getting the win, he improved to 4-0-1 since returning to the UFC. Yet, for him, he believes that should be 5-0. With that, the former Glory kickboxer is hoping a ranked opponent comes soon.

“This is what I do and I’m in prime right now so I have to make the most of these years. I have to take some time off to let my body heal. But, in a week or so it’s right back to work to continue to climb that ladder,” Jacoby said. “I do think any top-15 guy should be next. I should be ranked by now as Ion is 15 and he even acknowledged I beat him. To me, I’m on a five-fight winning streak in the UFC and I’m excited to fight a top-ranked opponent and prove I belong.”

Who do you want to see Dustin Jacoby fight next?

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