Ian Garry plans to prove ‘the hype is real’ with a first-round KO over Jordan Williams at UFC 268: ‘I want him stiff’

Ian Garry
Image Credit: Cage Warriors

Ian Garry knows he’s the next big thing in the UFC and he plans to prove that at UFC 268.

Garry is the former Cage Warriors welterweight champion and he’s an undefeated Irish phenom. He’ll make his debut at Madison Square Garden against Jordan Williams and Garry knows the UFC sees something special in him.

“No, it literally doesn’t get any bigger than this than having my UFC debut at Madison Square Garden and that’s why it excites me,” Garry said on Thursday morning to BJPENN.com. “Someone told me I have the red carpet rolled out for me and it feels that way. The UFC sees my talent and hype and I will prove the hype is real and prove I’m one of the best fighters on the planet.”

As Garry says, he knows he has a ton of hype. But, for him, he knows that is real and it’s just a matter of time before he proves that. Against Williams, he doesn’t see where his opponent will have success in the fight as for him, he expects to get a highlight-reel first-round KO.

“Personally, I don’t see the fight going out of the first round. I think it ends in the middle to late first round. He won’t be able to take me down. Meaning, he will have to stand with me and that won’t go well,” Garry said. “Look, I want the highlight-reel KO like I want him stiff, that is the plan. How it gets done? I have no idea. I want like Francis Ngannou-Alistair Overeem where he’s stiff on the ground. But, the win is the most important thing. I don’t want to get hit in there, I’m too pretty to get hit. I’m going to dance around the cage, hit him and not get hit, simple as that.”

If Ian Garry does all that and gets the first-round stoppage to get his first UFC win he knows it proves he has what it takes to be a UFC champion.

“A win just proves I was right. It proves me right once again that I know I can be one of the best fighters ever,” Garry said.

Assuming he does get the highlight-reel KO win, Garry says he’s already prepared for his time on the mic. Yet, he makes it clear, he won’t be calling anyone out anytime soon.

“There is something I got ready to say, I’m ready for the mic. But, I’m not calling anyone out, the top dog doesn’t call anyone out, if they want to call me out and try to steal my hype, go ahead but you aren’t winning,” Garry concluded.

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