From “The Spartan” to “The Ring-boy” for Elias Theodorou…? Invicta FC Thinks So!

Elias Theodorou

When you thought you had finally seen it all in MMA, Canadian UFC star, Elias Theodorou goes and makes what many have joked about over the years a reality. He confirmed today when speaking on the MMA Hour that he will be the first ever ring-boy for a major promotion when he will be in action at Invicta FC 28 on March 24.

Invicta FC has been the premier all-female MMA organization since it’s birth back in 2012. Now what a better time for them to grab their first ring-boy and for it to be the man with a Pert shampoo sponsorship, Elias Theodorou?

“Mixed martial arts has been at the forefront of equality in many different ways,” Theodorou said on the MMA Hour “You can see in regards to women being on top of pay-per-views and selling millions and also now myself included as the first ring boy.

I’ve talked to [Invicta FC president] Shannon [Knapp] and I will be allowed to put all my sponsors on my shorts and beyond that all the local sponsors that I have like Fuel Foods, and HPN, which I’m going to be doing a campaign for, essentially show and performance, because I’m hoping to fight in April in Atlantic City if all goes well. I’m going to be ring boy ready and then fight ready in just a couple of months. And more importantly, I have really large brands that are going to be jumping in. I’m the world ambassador for Mattel and I work with them promoting Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots and they also love the whole idea of the equality and the openness to actually put yourself in this position. And I’m actually going to be partnering, if all goes well, with Barbie for ring boy and I will be ‘Man-Bun Ken’.”

Theodorou last fought in November at UFC Fight Night 121 in Sydney, Australia when he defeated Dan Kelly by unanimous decision. Theodorou is 3-2 in his last five outing and looks to get back on a hot streak sometime soon. And I guess you could say that starts at Invicta FC 28…if you’re into that.

It’s nice to see that this news has inspired UFC featherweight, Chas Skelly as well.


This article first appeared on on 2/19/2018.

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