Floyd Mayweather Camp Insider Says Team Doesn’t Believe He Could Beat Conor McGregor In MMA

Over the past weeks, boxing legend and great, Floyd Mayweather has used his social media accounts to tease fans with what looks like a transition to MMA… Nothing at all is confirmed right now and who knows if anything is close to becoming official behind the scenes. All we know is that UFC President, Dana White has expressed interest in having Mayweather fight for him in an MMA format and of course, his most recent opponent, UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor has shown interest in this as well.

Who isn’t very interested in this though? Well, surely there’s a broad answer to that question as the circus surrounding McGregor has gone on for quite some time now. But specifically, the Mayweather team doesn’t look to really want this to happen and if it did, they don’t think Mayweather would fair well. Insider for the camp, Jody Kohn spoke with BodySlam.Net‘s FrankieNYC about the potential fight:

“We have done a couple videos asking people in the gym if he could beat Conor or if he should try MMA, and most people have said no. However, most of those same people believe that he has a better chance of success than the average fan does. They typically believe that with some training, and more importantly if he can keep whoever he fights at a distance, his chances of success rise considerably.”

Kohn was also asked about a different possibility for Mayweather in an MMA cage. An opponent that gives a Mayweather MMA fight even more of a freakshow element…

“As for CM Punk in particular, most of the guys don’t know who he is. It is incredible how little TV most of the guys watch. The same goes for MMA, so their opinion doesn’t change much.”

Whether or not we actually see Mayweather in the UFC is still to be determined. Many think that it absolutely won’t happen while very few others do…Mayweather’s father, Floyd Sr. being one of them.

“I am not sure how much more insight Sr. has than anyone else on the situation. One of his greatest virtues, even though it can get him into trouble at times, is that he is going to tell people exactly what he thinks. He doesn’t do a great job at hiding his feelings or keeping things to himself. So if he tells you he thinks it is going to happen, I have no doubt he 100% believes that. Does that mean Floyd Jr. is headed to the UFC? I can’t tell you. People like to talk about how Jr. is playing games to keep his name relevant, etc. While that may or may not be true, the one thing you can be sure of is that his father is not part of any of that.

As you know, Floyd is very careful and very selective on what he lets people see. 9 times out of 10, you only see exactly what he wants you to see. Like the video of him walking into the cage. He released that for a very specific purpose. What I will say is that Floyd is not going into any situation where he doesn’t believe he has the advantage. There is no way he would ever walk into any fight, be it in the ring or in the cage, where he doesn’t think he has all the necessary tools to win.”

All very interesting insight and it makes you wonder even more what the whole purpose of Mayweather’s recent teases have been. When there’s smoke, there’s fire…


This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 2/19/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM