Eddie Alvarez on UFC 205 fight: Conor McGregor will not get what he wants

By bjpenndotcom - September 30, 2016

In the main event of UFC 205, Conor McGregor will have the opportunity to become not only the third man in UFC history to hold two title belts, but the first to hold two belts simultaneously.

ufc lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez

While UFC President Dana White has stated recently that if McGregor defeats Alvarez at the Madison Square Garden, he must relinquish one of the belts, McGregor revealed at the UFC 205 press conference that it would take an army for the UFC to take one of his belts away.

Conor McGregor

That didn’t sit too well with UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarz, who believes that McGregor won’t be in a position to have the UFC take one of his belts away in the first place.

He spoke to MMAFighting:

“I’m a prize fighter. This will be the biggest prize to date but here’s the thing: he wants my belt. He says, ‘beg, beg, beg’ but he wants my belt. My money’s already my money. It’s already cashed, there ain’t nothing he’s gonna do about that. It’s my money. The belt, he ain’t sniffing at this belt. He ain’t got a shot at this belt. So I’m getting what I want at the end of the day. He will not get what he wants.”

“He’s single-handedly picked the best style matchups for himself all throughout his reign in the UFC. If you look carefully, you understand that this guy hasn’t put himself against a guy that can threaten him on the ground. The only one he’s done that against is Chad Mendes on late notice because he had to. Other than that, he fought off stand up fighters who don’t do ground attacks at all. So he got to be able to be himself and not have to adjust ever to anybody else’s strengths.”

Alvarez, who McGregor claims is another “loopy” wrestler with an overhand right, could of course play spoiler to McGregor’s plans, and send the Irish superstar back down to the featherweight division.

ufc lightweight champion

With that being said, UFC President Dana White has stated that McGregor will be making a “personal” announcement out of left field following the fight. While there has been no word yet on what the announcement will be, it could very well change things in the featherweight, and possibly lightweight, divisions depending on how the main event of UFC 205 plays out.


Eddie Alvarez