UFC Norfolk Results: Matt Brown KO’s Diego Sanchez (VIDEO)

Matt Brown Diego Sanchez

A welterweight scrap between veterans Matt Brown and Diego Sanchez served as the co-main event of tonight’s UFC Fight Night card in Norfolk, Virginia.

Round one begins and Diego charges out quickly. He lands a right hand and then shoots in for a takedown. Brown works in an elbow as Sanchez wrestles for a single leg takedown. Matt is doing a good job of defending. Diego works in some knees to the thigh of Brown. Matt is trying hard to break off of the cage but Sanchez won’t let him. Brown finally breaks free. Diego catches him with a shot to the body. Brown circles and then connects with a nice left jab. Diego charges forward with a right hand over the top that just misses. He dives in for a single leg but it is not there. Brown lands a low kick followed by a jab. Diego returns fire with a kick of his own. He hurts Brown with that one. Matt briefly retreats and then comes back in the pocket. Brown lands a nice knee to the body. He follows that up with an elbow over the top that floors Diego. Oh my goodness. This one is all over!

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