Daniel Cormier shares his thoughts on the possibility of Conor McGregor headlining UFC 300

By Harry Kettle - October 12, 2023

UFC commentator Daniel Cormier has given his thoughts on Conor McGregor possibly headlining next year’s UFC 300 card.

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As we now know, Conor McGregor is getting closer and closer to an Octagon return. Many questioned whether or not it’d ever happen, and some still won’t believe it until we see him inside the cage. Either way, there’s a lot of talk and excitement surrounding the Irishman right now, as you can imagine.


With the iconic UFC 300 card on the horizon next year, there’s speculation mounting that the promotion will be hungry for McGregor to headline the show. In the eyes of Daniel Cormier, though, it shouldn’t be seen as a foregone conclusion.

“People in the general public are so excited about Conor McGregor coming back, and I got to be honest with you: I feel like a lot of the hardcore fans are a little fed up with it,” Cormier said. “They just want to see him back. They’re tired of he’s back, he’s gone, he’s back. They want Conor McGregor back, and they want him back in a manner in which he’s consistent and he’s fighting frequently. But I don’t know if that’s going to be the case with Conor anymore. I believe at this point he’s a marquee attraction that, when he’s there, he warrants the biggest fights in the world, meaning UFC 300 does fit the bill. But that also lends you to ask this question: Does Conor McGregor at UFC 300 main event? Because generally when you do a UFC 300, 100, or 200, there are a number of title fights on that card.

Cormier questions McGregor as UFC 300 headliner

“Does Conor McGregor top all those title fights and headline? And if he doesn’t, how do you have a conversation with Conor about him not being in the headlining seat when most of the people who will tune in will be watching Conor? But when you watch Conor’s fights, he has been on a bit of a downturn. He has not won many fights, but I think that speaks to the star power that he possesses. That even though he is on that type of a run, he’s still maybe the guy that, when you look at the biggest fight in the history of the sport and the history of the company, they go, ‘You know what? Title fights or not, you are still going to be the headlining act.’ Is Conor McGregor the headlining act at UFC 300, or does he go before people that are holding championship belts?”

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