Daniel Cormier Would Ask Special Permission to Fight Stipe Miocic

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Francis Ngannou and Stipe Miocic will be decided who is the baddest man on the planet at UFC Boston, but if Daniel Cormier successfully defends his light heavyweight belt on the same card, he could move up and test that title as well. He was asked about going back to heavyweight for a giant fight to close out his career in a recent interview and said it’d be ‘the most amazing thing in the world.’ Not only that, but it seems like he’s thought about it a lot. His coach Javier Mendez opened up about the idea and thinks it could happen, with Cain Velasquez’s permission that is.

“Yeah, [Daniel Cormier moving up to fight for the heavyweight title is] a fun theory too and it could be a realistic theory, and this is how it would work out if it did happen, okay. Cain [Velasquez] would talk to DC or DC would go to Cain, he’d go, ‘Hey, Cain, I wanna fight for the title against Stipe, do you have a problem for me going that one shot?’ And if Cain says yes, which I’m sure if that’s what they agreed on, then yeah, that would happen. That’s not far-fetched. It really isn’t, because that could be something that could happen. But it would be between DC and Cain, they would make that decision jointly together.”

“With everything DC is, he’s a team player. And DC, remember you guys, DC was a great heavyweight and he dropped to light heavyweight not because he had to drop, because of respect for Cain. That’s the only reason why he dropped, because of respect for Cain, not because he couldn’t get that title at heavyweight. No, it’s his respect for Cain, it’s the only reason DC dropped. So being that that’s the case, you have to understand, anything that happens, it’s going to be between those two guys respectfully, because that’s the kind of person DC is, and a lot of people do not ever give that man the credit he deserves.” Javier Mendez speaking to Submission Radio.

As crazy as it sounds, this may be becoming more possible as the days and weeks go by. After all, Jon Jones was going to do the same thing and Daniel Cormier left the heavyweight division undefeated and within the top five. Going up to see if he can capture the UFC heavyweight title while he’s still light heavyweight champ would be absolutely huge for his career, if Cain Velasquez hasn’t already came back and taken it by then. It goes to show you though, how dedicated that man is to his team and friends. With Cormier, it’s loyalty above all.

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 12/23/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM