Dana White rules out working with ‘annoying’ Jake Paul

By Andrew Whitelaw - August 5, 2021

There’s clearly no love lost between Dana White and Jake Paul. The YouTuber-turned boxing star has slammed the UFC boss on multiple occasions and has stated that he’d never work with him.

Dana White, Daniel Cormier, Joe Pyfer

It comes as little surprise that White, in turn, has ruled out working with the 24 year old.

Speaking on the Full Send Podcast, White said,

“I just don’t see it happening. I don’t hate the kid. Is he f*cking annoying? Yeah, he’s annoying. He’s out there trying to make that money, and his shelf life is very f*cking short.”

White continued, “Listen, I never say never, but I highly doubt it (working with Paul). It’s just not what I do. There’s a market for that. He could fight a different type of celebrity every week, and there’s going to be a segment of the population that wants to pay for that and see it, but that’s not what I do. I put the best against the best.”

Having shot to stardom online, Paul made his boxing debut against AnEsonGib in 2020 and scored the first round knockout. With subsequent stoppages against Nate Robinson and Ben Askren, Paul’s record stands at 3-0 ahead of his clash with Tyron Woodley.

Jake-Paul, Tyron-Woodley, Showtime

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley on Showtime

Despite Paul’s relative success in the squared circle, White suggested that his star is beginning to wain.

“The media isn’t really following him as much as they did in the beginning,” said White.

“The schtick is getting old. I think for him to get the media back, he’s gonna have to fight somebody. They’re tired of the schtick. ‘Hey, it’s me, I weigh 190, and I want to fight these guys that weigh 170, 155, and they’re wrestling, and they’re 40 f***ing years old, and they haven’t won a fight in three fucking years.’ If he wants to be taken seriously now by the real media, I think he needs to fight a real fight,” he added.

Paul’s showdown with Woodley is scheduled to take place on August 29th on Showtime. Needless to say, White is not a fan.

“Showtime is like the f***ing end, at the bottom of the barrel. They are the f***ing worst. They think they are f***ing HBO but they are not. You know they the f***ing s***can of pay-TV,” said White.

As it stands, the chances of White and Paul joining forces appear slim. They do however have one thing in common – they know how to make money. And White did say, ‘never say never.’

Do you think they’ll team up one day?


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