Dada 5000 not happy with Kimbo Slice’s punishment for failing drug test

By bjpenndotcom - May 6, 2016

Back at Bellator 149, Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 competed in one of the most infamous fights in the history of the sport. Both men appeared to gas very early in the fight, which made for a rather long fight until Slice ultimately TKO’d Dada 5000 in the 3rd round without actually touching him.

After the bout it was revealed that Dada 5000 was placed in critical condition in the hospital after suffering from kidney failure, and going into cardiac arrest. In addition, it was revealed that Slice failed a drug test for steroids. Slice was suspended for 3 months for the offense, and Dada 5000 isn’t too happy about it. Despite his suspension, Slice will headline a Bellator event in July in London, just 5 months after his fight with Dada 5000.

Dada spoke to MMAFighting about the situation:

“It’s disturbing. This is letting you know that this was bigger than me and than what I expected. I was the underdog. Everybody had their chips on Kimbo Slice to win, and they [Kimbo’s team] could not let Dada 5000 win under no circumstances. At no cost, you know. But that backfired on them because he was convicted of steroids.

It was a great opportunity that Bellator gave me. I didn’t think that I was walking into an ambush, in a sense. But that’s how I’m feeling right now, looking at it like this. You know, they’re giving this dude another shot. But what is this dude’s punishment for being on steroids? I don’t take drugs; so I can’t say I would have got on it, but I’m like, “Come on, man. If you got to be fair, be fair. I’m a referee in the backyard and I got buddies that get in the backyard and I tell them, “I’m going to be fair.” And that’s how I am. This is a business. You can’t pick faces inside the business.”

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