Former street-fighter, Bellator star Dada 5000 seems to be plotting a comeback

By Tom Taylor - May 29, 2018

Dada 5000, a street-fighter who infamously battled the late, great Kimbo Slice in the Bellator cage, is plotting a comeback. The Miami-based fighter, who starred in the 2015 documentary Dawg Fight, is looking for an opponent for a celebrity boxing match. From the sounds of it, he’s hoping this celebrity boxing match will serve as a warm-up for other fistic ventures down the road.

Dada 5000

Dada 5000 shared his plans in a recent Instagram post.

“Funny all these gangsta rappers doing all this murdering, selling dope, robbing and gun clapping in their raps! But they’re scared to step up and get in the ring @celebrityboxing1 for celebrity boxing match 🤷🏾‍♂️ for a very good cause stop the violence guns down hands up!! I called out @losangelesconfidential and he let the cat get his tongue 🤦‍♂️then I turn around and See @50cent on @bellatormmacalling out @rampage4real and @sonnenchbut we all know Rampage trash and Chael bout the most Boringest fighter to ever step in an MMA cage!! So @50cent what’s good??? See these Rappers,Actors, industrial cats Act and talk tough but they really don’t want no Smoke they do it for the Gram they don’t wanna get knocked out on Cam!!! @celebrityboxing1 who ever steps up I hope they like baseball because they’re going to catch these hands!!! To the face #NoCase Ain’t nobody realer!! And F#€k @jackthriller you thought I forgot about you?? You Can get the Business to!!! You was supposed to run it with @40glocczooright let’s do this step up its for a good cause and you can lead by example and be the one that gets knocked out @jackthrillerlook at it on the bright side thriller you cannot get knocked out by the hands of a more better man than @therealdada5000@celebrityboxing1 let’s get it popping! This is just a little Rec getting me bk in the grove for what’s Next! It’s going to be a Short Night at the office for who ever take the bait!!!!! 🤔ile wait” – Dada 5000 on Instagram. 

In his bout with Kimbo Slice, Dada 5000 was stopped late in third round, and was subsequently rushed to the hospital, where it was revealed that he suffered cardiac arrest during the bout. Shortly after the fight, news surfaced that Kimbo Slice had failed a drug test, which resulted in the bout being ruled a no contest.

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Dada 5000