CM Punk on UFC debut: I s**t myself on national TV, how bad could it be?

CM Punk Q&A

Ahead of CM Punk’s highly anticipated UFC debut in just over a week at UFC 203, many are wondering how the former WWE champion will handle the pressure of stepping into the Octagon for the first time in what is not only his UFC debut, but also his MMA debut.

Ahead of the fight, the MMA community has begun criticizing Punk based on the Fox Sports 1 docu-series “The Evolution of Punk” which chronicles Punk’s journey from the time of his UFC signing in 2014, to now.

Ahead of the fight, Punk was asked if he was nervous for the fight during an interview with MMAJunkie, to which he responded:

“It’s funny because you can ask yourself, ‘What happens if I lose? What happens if I get embarrassed in front of the world?'”

“And then you think to yourself, ‘Well, you s**t yourself on national television before so how bad can it go? How bad could it really be?'”

While MMA fans may not recall the incident, WWE fans will. During a 2013 match with Dean Ambrose, punk pooped himself on national TV. Despite that, the self proclaimed ‘greatest ever’ managed to win the match.

Leading up to the fight, Punk has stated that his weight cut is going terribly, and he’s currently over 200 pounds, meaning he has over 30 pounds to cut to get down to the welterweight limit of 170 pounds.