CM Punk explains why “no MMA fighter has an excuse for missing weight”

CM Punk

In the opinion of former pro wrestler CM Punk, who will take on Mike Jackson in the first bout of the UFC 225 main card this Saturday, fighters have no excuse for missing weight. Punk believes he and his fellow Chicagoan Belal Muhammad are all the proof of this claim that’s required.

Punk, after all, expects to make weight despite spending the last two weeks battling a long and emotionally-taxing lawsuit. Muhammad, meanwhile, made weight for his June 1 bout with Chance Rencountre despite fasting through Ramadan. Punk believes that iff they can make weight through these challenges, anybody can.

“If I can make weight after two weeks of being in court and Belal Muhammad can make weight after training during Ramadan, no MMA fighter has an excuse for missing weight,” Punk said ahead of UFC 225 (via José Youngs).

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This comment from Punk is very much in keeping with some recent comments from Eddie Alvarez, who unleashed a passionate tirade on Twitter after UFC President Dana White suggested the promotion would be working with athletic commissions to end early weigh-ins.

“Early weigh-ins were the best thing to happen to this sport,” Alvarez said in the first of several Tweets on the topic (edited for clarity). “You are either accountable or not. Missing weight has nothing to do with the structure, it has to do with the individual.”

“Proper weight cuts start months in advance, not the week of the fight,” Alvarez continued in a second Tweet. “We sign contracts way in advance and are told the requirements. If you miss, it’s your fucking fault.”

“Not the structure, not the hot tubs, not the saunas, not the meal prep guys, not the UFC, not the plane ride. If you miss weight, it’s all your fault. Why are we blaming the system? Please help me here guys.”

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“Please Boss-man [Dana White], don’t get rid of the early weigh-ins. It won’t solve a thing. You’re punishing the fighters who are accountable and responsible.”

What do you think of this comment from UFC 225’s CM Punk?

This article first appeared on on 6/7/2018.

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