AUDIO | Chael Sonnen talks about the tragic loss of his newborn daughter Blauna

Chael Sonnen

Former UFC title contender Chael Sonnen is coping with the heartbreaking loss of his newborn daughter.

Last week Sonnen gave details on his “You’re Welcome” podcast regarding the terrible situation his daughter Blauna was in after being born prematurely. Unfortunately, Blauna passed away last week and Sonnen addressed the death of his daughter and thanked everyone who supported him in the situation on his podcast released on Wednesday.

“I was at the hospital,” Sonnen said (at 1:09:00 of the podcast). “Things were not going our way. I was having a bad week. I love to come in here and talk to you guys, and it’s like anything else — talking helps. It helps. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or if you’re Mr. Personality, man. There’s a reason there’s counseling sessions. Use them how ever you want. With a guy in a private room, or in my case, I came in the studio and talked to you guys. I appreciated the feedback. I appreciated the support. I got a lot of it on social media.”

“My daughter was in a tough spot. The good Lord called her up. We came up a little bit short in that battle but it was not from a lack of trying. I appreciate you guys very much, I’m Chael Sonnen and I am grateful.”

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