Kimbo Slice explains beef with Dada 5000: Going to ‘knock his ass out’

By Russell Ess - November 12, 2015

The news of the latest card announced by Bellator has been buzzing with some very interesting fights. One bout on Bellator 149 that has a lot of fans talking about is between Kimbo Slice and Dhafir Harris who goes by the name Dada 5000. For someone flipping through the TV Guide, an alluring program to tune in on simply due to the unique names involved would definitely be Kimbo Slice versus Dada 5000.

Kimbo spoke with MMA Fighting on his beef with Dada 5000, who gained some status through a Netflix documentary “Dawg Fight.”

“I am going to f— this n—— up,” a fired-up Slice told on Wednesday. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m open to all possibilities in an MMA fight including submissions and anything else that comes up. But the true fight fans appreciate a real fight, and this is two n—— from the same neighborhood who have a beef to settle. I’m going to knock his ass out and he’s going to wake up and not know what hit him.”

Slice mentions his own rise to fame is what Dada 5000 tried to use as a catalyst to make a name for himself.

“This is a guy who, when I making my transition from YouTube to MMA, and I was fighting Ray Mercer on pay-per-view, this was a guy from our neighborhood who we knew,” the Miami native said. “And we brought him in as sort of a bodyguard for that event, and he was around for a little while. He was never a part of our inner circle.”

“So when I started to break big, all of a sudden he starts doing interviews disrespecting me,” Slice said. “He grew out a beard like mine, he did everything, he was basically using his little bit of notoriety to try to make a name for himself. But he would never show up where we were, even though we lived in the same hood.”

Kimbo’s last fight at Bellator 138 pulled in giant numbers in the ratings. Will we see the same trend on Feb. 19 at Bellator 149? According to Kimbo, it’s for fans who love a good old fashioned fight.

“I’ve been waiting for years to beat this motherf——‘s ass,” Slice said. “This one is about going back to my roots. People can relate to that.”

Will you be tuning in on Spike to watch Kimbo versus Dada 5000? Give your thoughts on the beef in the comment section below!

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